Working with Faden Design Studios

How do we begin the bespoke design process for your special day? Be you local or long distance every person is unique, every event is unique. It is with that in mind that Romy strives to make this process as fluid and worry free as possible using the latest in virtual technology to bring her design studio to you. Collaboration is an integral part of making a one of a kind piece for you. From fabric selections and design elements to the special little embellishment details that help tell your story, Romy welcomes and encourages your creativity in making your dreams reality.

An initial BESPOKE DESIGN CONSULTATION is our “get to know you” meeting. (45-60 minutes long) Here is where you will:

  • Meet with Romy to collaborate on silhouette, fit preferences, color, fabric ideas and special must-haves/details that you’d like to have included.
  • Establish a private Client Portal for sketches, work in progress photos and updates.
  • Sketches based on our discussion will be provided to you through our Client Portal shortly after our meeting so that you can make your design selection, ask questions or make any additional design suggestions or requests. It is at this point that we will also arrange to have fabric swatches delivered to you for selection.

A $100 consultation fee is required at this time and will be put towards the balance of your final order.

Many design concepts fall within our base range of $4,200-$7,200; however, optional upgrades are available and include:

  • Fabric upgrades: Silks, custom dyed fabrics, additional overlays (such as silk chiffon or organza), laces
  • Patterning complexity: ruffle skirts, intricately seamed corseted bodices
    Additional yardage: cathedral trains, ball gowns, removable overskirts
  • Embellishments: Hand embroidery, bead and stone work, applique handwork, hand painted detailing, loop and covered button closures.
Once you have selected your design, fabrics and detailings we will issue you an invoice for your approval and will arrange for your measurements to be taken to begin the pattern making process. Measurements can be taken in the following ways:

  • We will provide you with our required measurements form that you may take to a local tailor to be professionally measured for us.
  • We can schedule a virtual fitting so that you and a trusted helper can take your measurements in real time with Romy. We will provide you with a detailed “how to” guide to ensure that you are taking measurements correctly. Romy will be there virtually to oversee that everything is being done correctly.
  • Romy can come to you, whether it is at your home or workplace. This is our most hands-on approach to measuring you for your bespoke piece. Travel expenses apply for this premium service.

A deposit of 60% is required at this time so that work can begin.

FITTINGS (45-60 minutes each)
Depending on your design choices and fit requirements you may need up to 2 fittings.

Your first fitting will be done using a toile or simple muslin mock up of your garment. This fitting is done to check for fit, and to make any design tweaks prior to cutting the final fashion fabrics. It will be at this point that a second fitting may be required and arranged. If your piece has a lace-up corset, we recommend that the ‘dresser’ for your occasion accompany you to one of these appointments in order to learn the proper technique to lace you in.

Again, we offer two different options to make these fittings happen:

  • We can ship your toile and schedule a virtual fitting so that you can try on your garment with a trusted helper handy and in real time with Romy. We will discuss fit, and design elements and make any notations to the garment as needed. We will provide a prepaid return label for you to send back your mockup after the fitting. Romy will be there virtually to oversee that everything is being done correctly.
  • Of course we offer the option for in person fittings with Romy as well, where she will come to you, at your home or workplace. Travel expenses apply for this premium service.

Final Fitting: This is a quality check of the final garment. Although we are confident that your bespoke piece will be true to fit, we know that sometimes stress can play a part in the way we fit and feel in our garments so close to a special day and that things may need small adjustments. A few days prior to your event we will contact you that your garment is ready for you.

There are 2 ways to manage your final fitting:

  • We can ship your finished piece to you and you can take it to have a fitting at your local tailor to make any further fit adjustments for you.
  • As always we offer to have a final in person fitting with Romy. Travel expenses apply for this premium service.

Final payment is required prior to delivery of your finished garment.

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